Services – Warehousing


Our company recognizes the need of our customers for flexibility. Using one of our 135 multi user warehouses you will be able to quickly respond to market changes expanding or reducing inventory levels at variable cost.

  • Flexible warehouse storage
  • Short, medium, long term multi user storage solutions
  • Rail-linked warehousing at key locations
  • Wireless bar code scanning at all sites
  • Fully flexible, cost effective storage to support peak & seasonal demands
  • Real-time stock reporting and pallet traceability

We find the right location for storing and handling your goods. Our company’s solutions ensures that your goods are optimally stored in the warehouse and handled in the most cost efficient way possible. We provide industry-specific storage solutions depending on your product and market needs.


Secure Storage

We understand the importance of balancing supply and demand and have invested heavily in market leading Warehouse Management Systems, to provide customers with real-time visibility of our warehouse operations.